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Autistic traits modulate cortical responses to affective but not discriminative touch

Connor. J. Haggarty, Peter. Malinowski, Francis. P. McGlone & Susannah. C. Walker (2020)

The role of the metabotropic glutamate
receptor 5 in nicotine addiction

Funda Akkus, Sylvia Terbeck, Connor J. Haggarty, Valerie Treyer, Janan J. Dietrich, Stefanie Hornschuh and Gregor Hasler (2020)

Children’s vicarious ratings of social touch are tuned to the velocity but not the location of a caress

Connor J. Haggarty, Paula D. Trotter, Francis McGlone, & Susannah C. Walker (2021)

Vicarious ratings of social touch
the effect of age and autistic traits

Connor J. Haggarty, David J. Moore, Paula D. Trotter, Rachel Hagan, Francis P. McGlone & Susannah C. Walker (2021)

Ketamine treatment for refractory anxiety: A systematic review

Jamie L. Tully, Amelia D. Dahlen, Connor J. Haggarty, Helgi B. Schioth & Samantha Brooks (2022)

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